Brand new this week and combining outer space and the Wild West, “Final Frontier" is the first printed design by artist Waynem. Congratulations! We asked this week’s artists what their favorite colors to design with were, and Waynem’s answer speaks to the environment in which he lives:
“I tend to use really strong, warm colours in my work, and I’d say a major reason for that would have to come from growing up in Australia. The fact it’s such a sunny place and the colours of the environment here…  I think the way you see the world the world can’t help but filter into your art.”
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Lady and Death (Neon Version)

Kate Lacour


SokushinbutsuThe practice of self-mummification, once performed by Buddhist monks in Japan. The monk would start by eating only nuts and seeds to strip them of their body fat, then move to drinking tea made from the urushi tree. The poisonous tea would cause vomiting to further their weight loss, as well as help dissuade insects from disturbing their body after death. 

Nikolai Tereschenko